Propane Powered Vision

vision propaneThe Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision® school bus is a conventional Type C school bus which runs on propane instead of diesel fuel. Designed and built for maximum quality and reliability, the Propane-Powered Vision® meets all applicable School Bus Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) while offering several distinct advantages, including:

  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification requirements
  • Provides a safe, attractive and viable alternative fuel choice amidst rising diesel fuel prices
  • Allows for operators to receive tax incentives for purchasing both propane-powered school buses and propane fuel, including a 50-cent rebate on every gallon of propane purchased
  • Lowers operating and maintenance costs

Technology Advancements with Blue Bird’s Propane-Powered Vision

The Propane-Powered Vision School Bus utilizes the latest advancements in propane technology, including the ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System and the Ford 6.8 liter engine.

ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System

The ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System used to power the bus differentiates the Propane-Powered Vision® from diesel-powered school buses. Not just another LPG conversion or retrofit system, ROUSH CleanTech’s technology is a fully integrated system, designed in complete harmony with the OEM engine.