Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If there is a problem with our new bus, how do I get it serviced?
A: Gather as much information as you have about the problem.  Call Holland Bus Company’s service department at 1-800-221-7198. Give us the body number or the last 8 digits of the VIN number and mileage of the bus and we will give you proper direction as to how to service the bus.

Q:  I have a Blue Bird school bus and I am not located close to Holland Bus Company.  Where can I have warranty work performed on my bus?
A: Holland Bus Company has 13 approved Blue Bird service locations across the State of Michigan. Go to Service Locations to find the service center nearest to you.

Q: I own a commercial bus that was purchased from Holland Bus Company. Can someone else repair my bus?
A: Yes. If your bus is covered by warranty, any repair in excess of $100.00 must have prior authorization from Holland Bus Company before any work is started. Call Holland Bus Company at 1-800-221-7198 for prior authorization. It is the bus owner’s responsibility to inform the repair center of the prior authorization requirement.

Q: Who pays the invoice for the repair?
A: Unless prior arrangements are made between the repair center and Holland Bus Company, the end user (owner) is responsible to pay for the invoice. If the bus is covered by warranty, a copy of the work order needs to be submitted to Holland Bus Company along with the defective parts that were replaced. Holland Bus Company will then submit a warranty claim to the bus manufacturer.

Q: Why am I being invoiced for warranty parts on my new bus?
A: In most warranty claims filed, the manufacturers of the bus body lines ask for the defective parts to be returned. We invoice you to insure that the defective part is returned to Holland Bus Company. Once the defective part is returned, the warranty claim is processed. When the warranty claim is paid by the body manufacturer, your invoice will be credited by Holland Bus Company.

Q: What if a part breaks or is found inoperable on my new bus during the warranty period?
A: Call Holland Bus Company at 1-800-221-7198 to check warranty coverage with the service department. If the part is covered by warranty, Holland Bus Company’s parts department will order the part. The part will be shipped out to you along with a warranty claim form. Click on warranty claim form for a copy of the form.

Q: What if I need work done on the chassis on my bus?
A:  Chassis warranty is warranted by the chassis manufacturer and should be taken to your local chassis dealer or an authorized chassis service center for warranty repairs.  Holland Bus Company or an authorized service center will service the repairs on the chassis after warranty has expired.

Q: What is the period of coverage?
A: Each bus sold has a limited warranty certificate explaining the warranty coverage of the bus. Individual components of the bus not covered by the bus manufacturer’s warranty also have their own certificate of warranty. For example, the wheelchair lift, strobe lamp and air conditioning system, etc. have their own separate warranty.

Q: What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?
A: You must perform reasonable and necessary maintenance on the bus and use the bus in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and/or recommendations.

Q: What do I do if the air conditioning is not working?
A: Make a preliminary check of the system to determine the nature of the problem and then call Holland Bus Company at 1-800-221-7198. We will give you the necessary instructions. In most cases, if it is convenient for the end user to do so, the manufacturer of your A/C system (MCC, Trans Air, or Pro Air) will request you to take your bus to their nearest service center for warranty repair.